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A defining amenity for the distinguished marina

MS2 Vessel Monitoring is a one-of-a-kind marina amenity, offering peace of mind to boaters and revenue opportunity for marinas. Every dollar spent on security and marina-wide amenities keep a marina competitive, but what distinguishes a marina? MS2 is a powerful tool that will lower slip vacancy, increase boater retention and solidify a marinas position in the marketplace. Take advantage of this cutting-edge service and offer MS2 Vessel Monitoring Services at your marina.

MS2 Vessel Monitoring offers more than just basic security at the marina. Boaters have true peace of mind and feel more confident about being away from their vessels with MS2 vessel notifications. Tenants have received timely notices to prevent vessel sinking’s as well as notifications of a vessel leaving the marina.



ms2phoneMS2 Service

MS2 Vessel Monitoring is the most affordable boat monitoring and notification system available on the market. Designed with a focus on value, MS2 ensures the target market (vessels between 22’ – 65’) has an affordable monitoring system without sacrificing features. MS2 offers boaters the ability to stay connected and keep an eye on their vessels, without physically being onboard.

If an onboard condition becomes unsafe or requires attention, the boat owner is automatically notified.




Boaters can login from any web-enabled device and check the status of their batter voltage, shore power connection, bilge, onboard temperature and security sensors.







Quick Links: MS2 Marina Brochure MS2 Boater Brochure Support Docs


pieLeveraging MS2

MS2 Vessel Monitoring can be offered at no charge to your boaters or passed through as a fee-based service. Participating marinas will realize ROI through recurring revenue, but can further benefit by offering supplemental services. From hardware installations to simple battery service, MS2 provides valuable onboard information to fuel your service department. MS2 will be the key to offering an improved boating experience.


ms2marketingMarketing Potential

It’s difficult to set yourself apart when offering similar services as your competition. MS2 can become a focus and distinguishing feature, attracting boaters and further setting yourself apart from the competition. Running the same advertisement each month quickly loses its luster. Realize the marketing potential. Use MS2 in print and electronic


ms2homeDrive Traffic

MS2 utilizes a web-based software which boaters use to access their boats. This presents an exceptional opportunity to drive traffic directly through your marinas website. MarineSync will provide the technical support for adding a login link to your website. This will increase your SEO and keep boaters coming back.


Marketing Tools

Once the MS2 Vessel Monitoring infrastructure has been installed, MarineSync marketing and outreach takes over. We will work to develop a marketing plan based on your facilities specific needs and client base. Your marina will have access to full marketing and sales support to maximize awareness. In addition, MarineSync offers unmatched technical support to ensure MS2 is installed and utilized to its full potential.

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