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MarineSync® Corporation - Company Profile 

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MarineSync® Corporation is one of the leading integrated wireless monitoring and control companies. Our success is driven by the technology and our ability to get results, by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for growth. We are involved in virtually every facet of the wireless monitoring sector, with a specific focus on Marinas and Recreational Vehicle Facilities. We manufacture and assemble hardware for monitoring electricity, gas and water, integrate with top metering devices, measure, monitor and interrupt ground fault, provide 2-way remote control of utilities including water and power up to 200A, generate reporting tools and analytics for power / utility management, and offer customers a user-friendly web-based software portal for universal access to data on fixed and mobile platforms. 

Company History 
We trace our beginnings to a project in 2008, helping to identify best practices in remotely monitoring pumping equipment. Our sister company, Keco Pump & Equipment, provided the hardware and industry knowledge to aid in development of the MarineSync® MS1 Pumpout & Equipment Monitoring Device. This device became specified in Pumpout (devices used for transferring waste from vessels to landside sewer) grants across the country. Over the course of two years, MarineSync® tripled in size and supplied the only state approved monitoring device to the Pumpout industry. The same MS1 device was adopted by numerous municipalities for maintaining and monitoring lift stations and continues to be used today. 

In 2010, MarineSync® began development and testing of an In-Slip Vessel Monitoring System, known as MS2. The system was intended for berthed vessels, providing remote access to critical safety systems and onboard conditions. MS2 provided notification services to vessel owners and marina management when onboard conditions required response. The MS2 was the first implementation of the MarineSync® Mesh Network. WWW.MarineSync.COM | 888.988.SYNC PO Box 80174 | San Diego, CA 92138 

As the demand for MarineSync® remote monitoring grew, MarineSync® developed strategic relationships with cellular carriers, leading the charge into further M2M development opportunities. 

In 2012, Eaton Corporation’s (NYSE- ETN) marina power and lighting division began discussions with MarineSync® to replace their aging wireless metering system. The interest sparked development of the RUM – Remote Utility Monitoring system. 

By early 2013, MarineSync® had completed testing and development of the utility monitoring and control system, known as RUM. The RUM system is the most accurate and reliable remote monitoring and control system on the market and currently the only system used in the marine and recreational vehicle sector. 

Our diverse and strategic network of sales and distribution channels span across the globe with OEM partners, in-house sales, outside sales and global distribution. MarineSync® is a privately held company based out of California.

Technology and Emerging Devices 
We focus on technologies that improve our ability to communicate with remote devices. We develop and produce hardware and software to support evolving applications and new demands. 

We also invest in the development of technologies that serve emerging best practices, electrical safety systems and renewable energies. Our focus is to refine hardware and software functions to improve operations and public safety. 

We recognize that the world needs innovations in the field of monitoring and remote control. That's why our engineers work to responsibly develop affordable, reliable systems that our customers and partners demand. 

A Few of Our Partners and Clients

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Contact MarineSync

MarineSync Corp.

3235 Hancock St. Suite 250
San Diego, CA, 92110

  888-988-SYNC (7962)


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