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Real-Time Vessel Monitoring – Stay Connected with your Boat.

Protect your floating investment with the MS2 Vessel Monitoring and receive real-time alerts and onboard access from your web-enabled devices. MS2 Vessel Monitoring is offered throughout the world at many of the most prestigious marinas and harbors. If your vessel is located in our exclusive network, you’ll have 2-way communication allowing you to check on your boat from home, work or before leaving for to the marina. With 24/7 active monitoring, MS2 instantly notifies you and your list of people when something onboard is detected or requires attention. Conditions such as low batteries, disconnected shore power, unauthorized access onboard or even bilge alarms get immediately delivered to your cell phone and by email.


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Staying Connected Has Never Been Easier

MS2 Vessel Monitoring provides a safeguard, immediately notifying you and your subscribers when your vessel requires attention. Notifications can be sent through email, text message, or even an automated phone call. MS2 can also be configured to notify boat partners, family members or even marina personnel. Unlike like other monitoring services, MarineSync offers unlimited notifications and subscribers at no additional charge.

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Dead batteries can cost you more than just an afternoon on the water with family and friends. MS2 will automatically alert you if your battery voltage gets low, giving you plenty of time to save your batteries and the food in the freezer.


80% of all vessels that sink, do so at the dock! 100% of the vessels that sank, didn't scream for help. Don't leave your boat to fend for itself. MS2 will instantly notify you if your bilge begins to fill with water.
Shore Power

Shore Power

Shore Power is arguably the single most important connection at the dock. Dock lines are important but, your shore power cord keeps onboard systems operating properly and charged. If shore power is removed or interrupted, MS2 will automatically notify you.


Vessel fires cause more than 30 million dollars in damage every year. Don't let your vessel cause the next televised event at your marina. MS2 can alert of smoke, fire and high temperature onboard your vessel.
Security Devices

Security Devices

MS2 easily connects to pressure pads, door / hatch sensors and more, offering monitoring and alerts if someone gets onboard your boat.
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Vessel Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you live down the street or in a different state, MS2 Vessel Monitoring provides 24/7 access to your floating investments. Critical onboard conditions such as battery voltage, temperature, bilge, and other on-board safety systems are all be available online.




Vessel Snapshot

If you're constantly on the go, the MS2's Vessel Snapshot feature will find its way into your busy schedule. Vessel Snapshot is a reporting feature that automatically emails you the status of your vessel and conditions onboard. You select how often to receive the reports…it's completely up to you. Vessel Snapshot keeps you informed without having to login to your dashboard. Checking on your boat is as easy as clicking your email!


videothumbSee MS2 in action!

Watch how the MS2 Vessel Transponder monitors your vessel, keeping you connected 24/7.


ms2instalRugged, Marine Ready Hardware

The MS2 transponder is installed onboard, keeping you linked to your boat while it’s in berth. The MS2 is rugged enough to stand up to the harshest marine environment, and is small enough to me mounted practically anywhere. This transponder is sized and priced for any sized vessel and requires minimal installation time.


MS2 Transponder Install

Installing the MS2 transponder onboard your boat is simple and takes less than an hour. Your transponder will monitor onboard temperature, battery voltage on multiple banks, vessel orientation and bilge level right out of the box. Additional sensors are available to expand monitoring to include shore power, intrusion detection, smoke and fire, and much more..

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